Misconceptions are common when it comes to software design and development. There is so much information available that it can be difficult to separate the facts from the falsehoods. Having the wrong information leads to poor business decisions, which is why this blog post is dedicated to dispelling some of the more prevalent myths about custom built software.

Myth: Custom Software Development is Too Expensive

Custom software development can have a hefty price tag attached. Many business leaders see the price and recoil from spending so much money on something that could be accessed through software as a service (SaaS) providers for a much smaller cost. These SaaS products come already built and capable of doing what is needed, and they have a reasonable monthly or yearly subscription cost that feels worth paying. In comparison, custom built software seems very expensive, especially considering that the software isn’t built, hasn’t been tested, and won’t be ready to use for who knows how long. Thus, the myth that custom software development is too expensive persists.

Myth: Quality Assurance Testing is Expensive and Unnecessary

Many companies fail to see the value in conducting quality assurance (QA) testing. QA testing is viewed as a waste of resources when the company already has a perfectly competent software development team. Sometimes, members of those teams are offended that the company would check up on their work by hiring someone else to go through all their software. Sometimes, executives don’t see the point in hiring outside help to go over software that their teams are already intimately acquainted with and know every piece of code, every line of data.

Myth: There’s a “Magic Solution” to Software Problems

Software development can be a frustrating endeavor. Often, when a piece of software doesn’t succeed or something in the code fails to act as hoped, people look for something to blame. They might say that if they only had the newest tool or were using a certain type of coding instead, the issue with the project would have been easily resolved or never existed in the first place. This search for a magic solution to the problems faced by software developers everywhere has led many companies to feel that in order to be successful, they must have the latest and greatest software tools available on the market.

Myth: Building Software is a Standardized Process

When companies commission custom software, they often believe that they know exactly how the development process will proceed: they tell the development company what they want, the development company builds it, and then, once they’ve paid the agreed-upon price, they get their newly developed software. The prevalence of SaaS has conditioned the market to think of software as a simple little package that can be delivered in the same way, at the same price, and on a specific schedule. This way of thinking about software has created a myth that most everyone believes: software development should have set pricing and a strict timeline.


Custom built software development is an intricate process that involves the time and talents of many individuals. It is a much more complicated route than buying a SaaS product, but the rewards are so much more fruitful and beneficial to companies. There are many myths surrounding custom software development, and taking the time to unravel those myths to find the truth underneath is well worth the time.

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