In case you are thinking about creating your own website, mobile app or customized software for your business, you may be faced with the decision whether to utilize in-house or outsourced software development. …

The company Ankora has been operating for a full 5years, and for those 5 years we had the opportunity to develop applications and software for multinational companies of multimillion value.


We encountered unsolved problems, where many gave up we wanted to move forward, we…

Many successful businesses exist because there are situations that present opportunities and serve as a gateway to great innovation. These businesses play a crucial role in helping society navigate challenges by anticipating and understanding needs. The global pandemic we are currently facing is unprecedented. However, entrepreneurs are expected to rise…

Software projects fail often — way too often.

The Standish Group, an IT research firm, conducted a study that surveyed 365 people representing over 8,000 software application projects. The results were, in a word, bleak. For example, over 30 percent of projects get canceled before completion. At large companies, according…

Outsourcing is often cheaper than hiring your own team, and it is a trap that many fall into thinking they will loose money if they outsource project. We’ve identified some warning signs that it may be a good time to pass responsibility to a software development company.

Here are the 7 signs that you need to outsource your app project:

  • You don’t have…


Misconceptions are common when it comes to software design and development. There is so much information available that it can be difficult to separate the facts from the falsehoods. …

Benefits & Future of On Demand Services App

We are living in a world where everyone is busy with their smart devices and try to find the simplest and easiest way to solve their day to day requirements. …

Using these common interview questions, you can get a good sense of the candidate’s basic to high-level coding skills. To simplify things, we have grouped the problems into categories of string questions, number problems, and more abstract test questions.

String Questions

Count the Number of Words in a String


Developing a website design that is both visually stunning and effective at meeting business objectives is no small feat. It requires a productive collaboration between client and web design team, with both playing a vital role in the outcome.

Here are 10 ways you can improve this partnership to ensure…

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